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    I am sending mails using an asp component and then used MSMQ.The problem is am able to send mails to the recipients but its not stopping.Iam getting the recipients mail id from database and then when i run the asp page it sends mails but that too without stopping at all.I mean its continous.I want to know what properties should i set in MSMQ for avoiding this.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Prashant

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    Default ??? more info , dont understand what u want (eop)


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    Default By MSMQ, do you mean

    Microsoft&#039;s Message Queuing? IF yes, why are you sending "emails" via MSMQ? Sorry it doesn&#039;t make any sense to me.<BR><BR>Are you trying to send data to another application or system?<BR><BR>I think you need to explain this a little better. ; )<BR><BR>Pete

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