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    Hi, <BR> <BR>How do I show multiple records from an Access DB on one page using using ASP? e.g. For a list of projects I would like to show the details for each project. And then list each project under each other. <BR><BR>eg. <BR>Project No.1 <BR>Details - Business Area <BR>Details - Aproval Date <BR> <BR>Project No.2 <BR>Details - Business Area <BR>Details - Aproval Date <BR> <BR>etc. <BR> <BR>And on the same page have a pull down menu so that users can sort the projects by details listed. For example, the user may wish to sort projects by approval date. This would relist the projects by approval date descending. The default would be projects listed by name alphabetically. <BR> <BR>Regards, <BR>Andrew.

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    Yeah, just make a Do loop.. example<BR><BR>&#060;% Do while not recordset.EOF &#037;&#062;<BR>Name : &#060;% = recordset("ProjName") &#037;&#062;<BR><BR>Details : &#060;% = recordset("details") &#037;&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;% recordset.movenext<BR>Loop &#037;&#062;<BR><BR>for the drop down box, have a list of all the fields, and the values match, and then do something like<BR>"SELECT * FROM TABLE ORDER BY " & Request.Form("Sort")<BR><BR>Hope that helps. God Bless from Ryan S

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