I&#039m doing a cross-tab query on a stored procedure (Access now, SQL Server soon). In the stored procedure I&#039ve got the field property of the date set as a short date. So if I open the qry in access it is displayed in short format. But when I do a pivot on the the date (written in the asp page before submitting the qry) the date is shown as a long date. Here&#039s the code....<BR><BR>strSQL = "TRANSFORM Count(1) AS [Value] " <BR>strSQL = strSQL & " SELECT Staff.Name, COUNT(1) AS TOTAL FROM qryNbrAndWhoGenerated "<BR>strSQL = strSQL & " WHERE Clients.Creation_Date BETWEEN "<BR>strSQL = strSQL & " #" & fromDate & "# AND #" & toDate & "#" <BR>strSQL = strSQL & " GROUP BY Staff.Name PIVOT Clients.Creation_Date "<BR><BR>The stored procedure gets all the data, and my query pulls out the data between the dates the user entered, but it sure looks ugly with the date and time, I only want the date. <BR>Any suggestions will be accepted with an abundance of gratitude. <BR>