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    I have a DataGrid. I am using EditItemTemplate and ItemTemplate.<BR><BR>On page load, I am showing records in the grid. When I press &#039;Edit&#039;, in one of the columns, I get a combo box. <BR><BR>When I click edit, the conbo box by default, is showing the 0th element (1st index). <BR><BR>But, when I click &#039;Edit&#039; for that particular row, in the combo box I need it to show, the value that existed before I clicked &#039;Edit&#039;.<BR><BR>I know how this could be done in VB. I do not know how this could be done in ASP.NET.<BR><BR>Could anyone please show me how to do this??<BR><BR>Thanks

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    In the OnItemDataBound event handler find the control that you are looking for and select the item there.<BR><BR>To ensure that you get the correct row you need to use this sort of logic:<BR><BR>If e.Item.ItemType = ListItemType.EditItem Then<BR> &#039; Find the ddList<BR> &#039; Find the value you want to pre-select<BR> &#039; select it!<BR>End If

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