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    Hey guys. Gotta quickie (hopefully) for you: If I wanted to make a DB-driven guestbook that records the user's name, email, post, the date, etc and then displays, say, 20 results per page, and the user can click to see the next 20 or previous 20, until they've reached the last records. How could I do that? I was thinking of using an autonumber as one of the field types in the DB(like a post id number or something) and setting up some kind for loop that could loop through the number of records with a step of like 20 and use that to make a page count number. Then could I just use a SQL statement like SELECT * FROM guestbook WHERE postCount >=0 AND postCount <=20? How close am I?

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    Default You will find plenty of examples

    all over the place.<BR><BR>Try this link,<BR><BR><BR>There is one example in the database FAQs on 4guys also.

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    Default Paging. Every ASP site in the world...

    ...has some sort of scheme for doing paging.<BR><BR>The ASPFAQs here have one. Even I have one on my site.<BR><BR>Just look for "Paging" and you&#039;re bound to find tons of resources. Some of them even work adequately.<BR><BR>Oh, what the heck: Mine is at<BR><BR>But it&#039;s only one of many. Check the ASPFAQs for starters.<BR><BR>

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