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    Renee G Guest

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    I need to find a new place to locate my website (my ISP sucks!) and plan on accessing the net via the free services for a while. My biggest question is where can I relocate my site where I can use ASP pages, vbscript (don&#039t know javascript yet), maybe some active-x, and a small database. I have two motives - my personal/small business stuff, and my resume/demo of my skills site. <BR><BR>Anyone have any suggestions for low cost (preferably free) sites where I can use this stuff?<BR><BR>Thank you!!

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    Check out the WebHost section on 4Guys (http://www.4GuysFromRolla.com/webtech/hosts.shtml). Also, you can use one of the Web Host search engines, like HostIndex.com.<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Ben Phillips Guest

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    Just posted a similar question myself - and then found a free ASP host! http://www.ewebcity.com give you free ASP and Access support.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Ben.

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