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    Jon Harld Henriksen Guest

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    Hi!<BR><BR>I have just started my exploration of this huge Web-dev subject,<BR>and have run into a lot of "large scale" questions. I&#039m quite<BR>familiar with programming, so I&#039m starting to get a grip on the ASP/VBScripting thing. My problem lies within general page/site<BR>generation/HTML.<BR><BR>Take this site, for instance. How is it made? First I thought they used frames, but the code revealed Tables. And lot of them also - nested! My question is then, how do they handle all these tables with all this kind of info?<BR><BR>My primary goal (for now, anyway) is to make a small site for learning only. I have these wishes:<BR><BR>1. I want a top section repeating it self on each page<BR>2. I want a left section with some kind of menu/links<BR>3. I want a mid section where I display all the "pages"<BR>4. I want a bottom section repeated on every page.<BR><BR>(This is quite like this site.)<BR><BR>How on earth do I do this the simplest way?<BR>What kind of technology is involved? <BR>And where can I find info and ** SAMPLES ** ?<BR><BR>Hope some can enlighten me here, I&#039m realy stuck!<BR><BR><BR>Regards<BR>Jon Harald Henriksen

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    fl1rt Guest

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    the most efficient way, I find, is to have ALL these separate elements as INCLUDE FILES. That way if they are common to a number of pages...only one change is required for the formatting to change throughout.<BR><BR>build yourself a basic table template and place the include files in the relevant sections...easy.<BR><BR>fl1rt

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    Wouter van Eck Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>If you like to work with frames, I know I do, you can set up the frameset like you described. Your header and footer section can be static HTML pages and you menu and page section can be made with ASP.<BR><BR>If you don&#039t want or don&#039t like to work with frames then you definitly have to work with &#060;TABLE&#062; in order to preserve the same look and feel through your whole website. The Header and footer section (an table cell) will be filled by using the include technique. You can use the include for the menu and page section too.<BR><BR>If you want to make it very complicated than the whole page is the menu page which decides what to show in the page section.<BR><BR>Happy programming

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