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    How can I be able to let the user print easily the query result from a database? Let say they have a result which compose of long columns. The browser cannot print very long columns like 20columns. Is there an easy way to solve this?

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    Default You could do it in pieces...

    Put the first 5 columns on one page, the next 5 on the next page, etc., etc.<BR><BR>Then print all the pages, and the user can put them side-by-side to get all the output.<BR><BR>The other option would be to organize your output differently.<BR><BR>Maybe something like this:<BR><BR>primary-info &#124 data 1 &#124 data 2 &#124 data 3 &#124 data 4<BR> &#124 data 5 &#124 data 6 &#124 data 7 &#124 data 8<BR> &#124 data 9 &#124 data 10 &#124 data 11 &#124 data 12<BR><BR>(That doesn&#039;t line up nicely, because of the limitations of this forum, but you get the idea.)<BR><BR>

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