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    I have an email syntax question:<BR><BR>My email client does not handle HTML format.<BR><BR>I have this asp code:<BR><BR>StrALL = StrALL & uCase("Event Location") & vbcrlf <BR>StrALL = StrALL & "State: " & StrLocState & vbcrlf &vbCrLf <BR>StrALL = StrALL & "Region: " & StrLocRegion & vbcrlf <BR>StrALL = StrALL & "Country: " & StrLocCounty & vbcrlf <BR><BR>I wanted to do two things to this code if possible:<BR><BR>1)Can I get a line to come through bold and/or<BR>2)can I get a line break?<BR><BR>I would like the email to come through like this:<BR><BR>EVENT LOCATION (in bold)<BR>State: New York<BR>---then a line break---<BR>Region: Western<BR>Country: USA<BR><BR>Can this be done??<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Gary

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    Default If no HTML...

    ...then how do you expect to get the BOLD for EVENT LOCATION???<BR><BR>And I don&#039;t see why doing the double vbCrLf after state isn&#039;t already creating an extra line break there.<BR><BR>Ehhh...maybe you could put in a just a space between the pair? Maybe it&#039;s being gobbled up by the email software?<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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