I want to be able to use the same content and same links to show a site for regular browsers and handhelds. I am trying to set the site up so that the actual page has just bare-bones content, and then uses includes to enhance it. One include is a fully graphic laden header while the other is minimalistic.<BR><BR>Because these handhelds don&#039;t have much uniformity yet, I can&#039;t be sure by browser name because we have people who will be using our intranet with various types of handhelds and/or browser versions. I have tried...without success....to create a VB script that will allow me to include a file based on browser width (for example, less than 600 include smallheader.asp; more than 600 include regularheader.asp)<BR><BR>I know it is possible. . . but I am a beginner with this and am in a little over my head.<BR><BR>Planet source code shows how to detect and redirect using Java Script at http://www.planet-source-code.com/vb/scripts/ShowCode.asp?lngWId=4&txtCodeId=7021 but I am wanting to do this with VB script and without redirecting.<BR>