Help me Chilli-Soft´s bug!!

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Thread: Help me Chilli-Soft´s bug!!

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    Default Help me Chilli-Soft´s bug!!

    451:SMTP server didn&#039;t terminate session<BR><BR>When I put mark on more than 10 check buttons to receive in a e-mail...with contacts data...<BR>When I put mark on 10 I receive without problem the mail...<BR>It is working with Linux and the Chilli-Soft software to run ASP on Linux Server but I am not histing this.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help!!<BR>

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    Default How are you sending the form?

    Are you using &#060;FORM Method=GET&#062; or &#060;FORM Method=POST&#062; ???<BR><BR>It *might* not be a ChiliSoft error. It might be just because you are exceeding the QueryString limit?<BR><BR>

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