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    I using a SQL DB to store information from a form. On the form there is a section for checkboxes. Once the needed fields are checked it is to save it to the db. On my main table this field is a nvarchar - because the entered numbers have commas so it is entered as a string. My problem is that if you have to go back and edit the form I want to bring up the list of checkboxes with the selected numbers checked it won&#039;t. The server is confused in that the string should be individual intergers. I can&#039;t seem to get the code to separate out the string to individual numbers. <BR><BR>Any suggestions?

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    Default Redesign database.

    You should never store comma separated values in a column. It just leads to problems sooner or later. <BR><BR>In order to represent a one to many relation you need two tables.<BR><BR>Do a search for normalization and read up on the subject.

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