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    Hi,<BR><BR>I want to know whether the use of include files reduce the speed of page loading? <BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Diya.

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    Yes, but it will be minor compared to gain in the flexibility and maintainability of your site. By including another file, IIS has to fetch it from disk. Another disk read = slower performance. IIS does cache files though, so once it&#039s read, it probably will reside in memory (especially if it&#039s being hit often), which will reduce the performance hit. Regardless, unless your site has 1000&#039s of users, or you include tons of includes, you won&#039t notice a speed difference.<BR><BR>I&#039ve found that using include files is very key to maintaining your site, whether they be used for common visual elements (header, footer), or for shared functions (sendemail, etc). I have seen well-known production web sites with 500 - 1000 simultaneous users have ASP pages that include 10 different files, and even some of those files included other ones. Yet, the pages still loaded really fast.<BR><BR>Basically, it&#039s a lot easier to add more memory or horsepower to your web server than it is to change headings in 200 pages because hardcoding them made the application support 2 more simultanous users.<BR><BR>Look at your progression like this:<BR><BR>Just variables like colors, fonts? Store in Application object<BR>Common functions, or headings, that change often? Use includes<BR>Frequently hit functions that stay the same? Use COM objects.<BR><BR>

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