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    hi all,<BR><BR>i have a ASP app running on Windows 2000 Server IIS 5. DLLHOST progressively consumes more and more memory as the app runs but i&#039;m not too worried about this at the moment. of greater concern is the fact that the application progressively consumes more and more CPU time until the server is maxed out at 100% and it stays there. it looks like DLLHOST threads are not being released and eventually there are so many of them, the server has no more CPU time to allocate. is this possibly a bug in IIS or Windows 2000? any ideas appreciated

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    Default This happened to me once...

    Not sure you have the same problem though.<BR><BR>I once had to work on a website running under win2k just like you.<BR><BR>It turned out that it was not IIS&#039;s fault.<BR><BR>Our ASP pages were crashing everything.<BR><BR>The guy that made the website used "On Error Resume Next" everywhere and A LOT of pages had errors (which did not popup because of the on error thing)<BR><BR>Ultimately, it ended eating a lot of resources and regularly crashing the website.<BR><BR>I&#039;d say, if that is your case, remove all the on error statement and make sure no pages are crashing.<BR><BR>If you are using COM components, make sure you handle them properly.<BR><BR>Instantiate, do the job, abort/complete, destroy<BR><BR>Eniac

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