I am using Microsofts TabStrip control, adding Tabs to the TabStrip programmatically like so:<BR><BR>Dim objTab As New Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls.Tab()<BR>objTab.Text = "foo"<BR>objTab.TargetID = "pv1"<BR>Me.tsTabStrip.Items.Add(objTab)<BR><BR>Gr oovy, this is no problem. Now I simply want to loop through the TabStrip and access the TargetID and/or Target of each Tab. The problem is that I can&#039;t seem to CType or Cast a TabItem to a Tab. <BR><BR>The Items collection of the TabStrip control contains TabItems, not Tabs, and TabItems do not have the Target or TargetID. When I attempt to CType the TabItem to a Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls.Tab I get a "cannot convert ..." error both for the TabStrip.Items collection and the TabStrip.Controls collection. I have attempted to use the FindControl function but I get the same results.<BR><BR>Simply put, how can a reference the Target or TargetID of a Tab in a TabStrip which uses the MultiPage object?<BR><BR>- rpeters (sometimes I feel like crying)