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    Hello, I am looking for a way to compare and update two databases. The databases are exactly the same in terms of setup however they are run on two rural intranets. The idea is to have in rural areas email me thier databases once a week, I update them against each other and send them back to the intranets. Whatever new data is in DatabaseA gets added to DatabaseB and whatever new information In DatabaseB gets added to DatabaseA - In effect synchronization of the two databases.<BR><BR>Any ideas ? I did find something called mdb compare but that kept on crashing when I tried it.<BR><BR>BTW. Putting the database centrally on the web is not an option. These rural intranets only have telephone connections to the web, they use these databases through the entire day so staying connected for 12 hours or more is too costly.<BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR>Dwane Lumley

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    it seems that the man hours will be well more expensive than an isdn or dsl or cable or even T1. It also seems that the process will be less reliable.<BR>write a program that goes through one db record by record selecting identical entries from the other. any differences it inserts. then the 2nd is updated and the first is scrapped. probably in vb (or with any other language) this would take about 20 minutes to write. contact me through if you need help. i apologize to the message board if it rude to put contact info up here.

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