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    In the Page Load event , when PostBack is true, I populate the State drop down field with all of the States and populate the County field with the county for that State.<BR>When I select a new State , which in in AutoPostback mode, I want to select a new set of counties for that new state. Well, when I select the state eg. CA for California, the value for that drop down is whitespace "". <BR>I am trying to repopulate the county with all counties for California when I select California.<BR>I do this in the ddlState.SelectedIndexChanged() event.<BR>But the ddlState.SelectedItem.value does not show California or any State. It shows white space.<BR>What is wrong?<BR>

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    Could you please provide your code and corresponding database queries? Is my understanding correct that you have a dropdown list for both the State and County fields and are trying to derive the latter from whatever state is selected? Please clarify. Thanks!

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