Can anyone point me in the direction of good articles examples that will allow me to do the following.<BR><BR>I have a knowledge base which allows users inserting fixes to classify fixes , say under the structure <BR><BR>Desktop Software<BR>........MSOffice<BR>............Word<B R><BR>So I want to allow them to upload a file but specify somewhere that is should go into the <BR><BR>\servernamesharenamedesktopsoftwaremsoffic eword <BR><BR>folder. Now to make things a little more complicated. I have a asp page that lets Admins create new 2nd level or 3rd level apps<BR><BR>for e.g. to add OfficeXP at 2nd level e.t.c.<BR><BR>So how do I tell it to create the relevant folder on the server in question as well.<BR><BR>Ideas are all welcome