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    I&#039;m in the process of making a matchingsystem in ASP with Access. I have figured out the complete matchingprocess, no problem with that.<BR>1. I open the table for the user and gets his data<BR>2. I open the table with the opposite users and get their data sorted by username<BR>3 calculates the data for a match result <BR>4. presents the data<BR>5. loops to next user until last user<BR><BR>Now I want to create a temporary table in the user db, this is also working.<BR>BUT i want to store the matching result for every user in the temporay table. This way I can then pick the top 5 matchresults and write them back into the users record.<BR>Any suggestions? links on articles on how to store while looping?<BR>

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    What data do you want to store in the temp table?<BR>The percentage between to ID&#039;s?<BR>ID 1 - ID 2 - Percentage<BR><BR>Or how many ID&#039;s are matchable with ID 1?<BR>ID 1 - Number of compatable ID&#039;s

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