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    I want to re-write my pages so that i&#039;m NOT using &#060;table&#062; and related &#060;td&#062; , &#060;tr&#062; tags therein. <BR>The idea is to use classes in CSS in such a way to keep the same look and feel. The appearance of individual elements is not much of an issue. How to replicate tables to keep these elements in place ? Hope this is clear ....don&#039;t know how better i can explain. <BR>Please help if anyone has got any idea. <BR>Milind <BR>PS : for those interested, why i&#039;m doing this because a lot html has been written improperly..... Not closing &#060;td&#062; tags etc which results in misbehaving of these pages. Not having a WYSIWYG editor is part of the problem. <BR>

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    I would personally re-write the page from scratch i.e. with a blank page, but with tables, obviously making sure td&#039;s are maintained correctly - use a HTML validator to check !<BR><BR>Using pure css sounds a nightmare.

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