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Thread: memory leak in JScript ASP app

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    hi all,<BR><BR>i have a production site code in JScript ASP which makes use of a VB COM object for data access and presentation, all works well when the app loads but progressively it consumes more memory and CPU until the server maxes out at 100% CPU utlisation with DLL host consuming about 100Mb of RAM. at this point the site starts to crawl. i am doing the following to clean up after each object creation statement:<BR><BR>delete whatever;<BR>whatever = null;<BR><BR>AFAIK, this should stop any memory leaks. i have made sure all my objects are set to Nothing in the VB COM object... has anybody got any idea where this might be coming from or how to troubleshoot the problem?<BR><BR>much appreciated.

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    it could be coming from anywhere, but I will say this - I&#039;ve never used the delete statement, and I&#039;ve never had a bad, untraceable leak.

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