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    Hi<BR><BR>I know this is not strictly ASP, but im not sure where else to turn.<BR><BR>Using Access, ive setup three tables in my database, tblCustomers, <BR>tblProducts and tblOrders. Ive created forms for the <BR>first two, which is no problem. Im trying to create a <BR>form for the third which is a combination of both the <BR>tblCustomers and tblProducts tables.<BR><BR>I would like the tblOrders table & forms to hold the <BR>customerID, ProductID, unitCost, Quantity, totalCost and <BR>orderDate. This is already setup in the table tblOrders, <BR>but I cant understand how to get it into the form.<BR><BR>ive created a form and a bound combo box to select the <BR>customer. Ive also setup that the bound column is the 4th <BR>representing the unit price, but this only ever allows the <BR>selection of one product.<BR><BR>Then ive tried creating a class module that performs a <BR>recordset on the afterUpdate of the comboBox and making it <BR>the controlSource for the price textControl. this <BR>produces the error #Name?<BR><BR>All I want to do is select the product, then assign its <BR>price to a text control and then calculate the total cost <BR>of the purchase and store it all in the tblOrders table.<BR><BR>This is really beginning to bug me, because I cannot <BR>understand how to make it work. SO any kind sole please <BR>please please help and shed some light on this, supposedly <BR>simple task.<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance<BR>Graham<BR>.<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Access Forms - help please

    usenet :<BR><BR>

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    Default has forums..

    .. on a lot of different subjects.<BR><BR>Maybe try there?

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