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    In an asp.net page, I have 19 text boxes. I want to capture what is entered in these boxes dynamically. Is there any way to iterate thru the collection and grab the values entered? Can it be done using arrays? <BR>Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.<BR>-hvirk

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    You can enumerate the controls on a page and inspect their type like so:<BR><BR>Dim ctl As Control<BR>Dim arrList As New ArrayList()<BR><BR>For Each ctl In Controls<BR> If TypeOf(ctl) Is Textbox Then<BR> arrList.Add(CType(ctl, Textbox))<BR> End If<BR>Next<BR><BR>If possible group your textboxes into a Panel first so that you are only enumerating the minimum number of controls - as opposed to every control on the page.

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