how to write asp query to a (other) database

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Thread: how to write asp query to a (other) database

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    Default how to write asp query to a (other) database

    After user have login i want to write that information to an other database. So i can see at what time and dat day have login. But HOW?

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    Default Same way you write anything... any database.<BR><BR>Make a connection to the DB.<BR><BR>Execute a SQL statement via that connection.<BR><BR>But why would you *want* to use *another* database? I presume you mean that you are using one database to get the username and password to validate the login? If so, you should then be writing the login date and time to the *same* database. You might want to use a different table in that database, but you almost surely should be in the same database.<BR><BR>Incidentally, this question is *NOT* advanced, at all. You should ask questions like this in either the ASP Q&A forum or the Databases forum.<BR><BR><BR>

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