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    Hi, <BR> I am new to ASP but keep trying stuff with it. I am working on a project where I need to develop a search page. Now this is how is goes. The user will query for records, if the record is found the results will be displayed. When the user clicks on the results returned from the database, it will give more information about the queried results. Now here is the catch for the entire thing. When the first search query is returned the there is a true/false field in the database. If the query result has the database field checked as true then the query result should show a small image link. If that image is clicked it takes to a new page where the information is displayed on the map of a city. <BR><BR>I am facing problems in generating the image with the link & also how do I pass the information about the x & y co-ordinates on the map.. Can someone help me how do I get it correctly.

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