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    hi,<BR>i need to have access to a variable declared and initialized in one asp page from another asp how do i use these public variables?

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    Default HTTP is a stateless

    protocol. It doesn&#039;t remember state between any two pages(requests). So in other words, it means that the web server won&#039;t know if it is the same person making request for page number two(assuming you went from page one to page two).<BR><BR>Now is there a way to to pass variables from one page to another page?<BR><BR>Yes, there are several ways to do that.<BR><BR>1) You can make use of SESSION object to do that.<BR>2) You can use the Querystring to pass variable from one page to another.<BR>3) You can use HIDDEN variables to do the same thing.<BR>4) On one page, You can save the variable&#039;s data in the database and you can retrieve it from the database on any other page by using ODBC. <BR><BR>

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