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    I&#039ve got a dbase (Access for now, SQL Server soon) that will get modified during demo&#039s and testing. I need a way for a user to go to asp page and click to restore the data. My first thought is putting a 2nd dbase in another directory, letting the user submit and use the FileSystemObject to copy the "untouched" dbase over the one used in demo&#039s and testing. All I have seen about the FileSystemObject is regarding text files, nothing about .mdb&#039s. Will this work, any better ideas? I don&#039t want to have to ftp to move these db&#039s around evertime we do a demo and need the "golddata" restored!

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    Yes, it will work for deleting and copying the "golddata" database as long as it is Access.<BR><BR>I think you will run into a slight problem in SQL server. Here, I would write a SP that deletes all the bad data, and then repopulates it from maybe some temp tables.<BR><BR>I.E. INSERT INTO tablename (SELECT fieldname(s) FROM temptable)<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry<BR><BR>

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