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    Wait until one (1) co-worker goes to the bathroom, or leaves the area.<BR><BR>Take their laptop (must have a wireless card) and unplug it from the wall.<BR><BR>Making sure you&#039;re still in range of the wireless hub, hide it in one (1) cardboard box, out of sight.<BR><BR>When your co-worker asks if you&#039;ve seen their laptop, tell them it&#039;s probably still there, and show them that you can ping it. Hilarity will ensue :)

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    Default Classic <eop>


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    Default that's great

    i like the tape everything that is on their desk to their chair, and keep it taught. you know, the tape goes under the desk and attaches to everything (picture frames, clock, pencil jar, etc) on the back. when they get in and pull out their chair, EVERYTHING goes flying off the back of the desk. rope will also work, but you need to be able to tie it to everything, hence, tape works better.

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