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    I have an html page with two frame in: the top one is a navigation bar with navigation buttons. The bottom displays the site content. Both are JS ASP pages. I now want to add a display to the top that displays the user&#039;s login status. I create the necessary code in the content window which works fine. Users can login. But the problem is is that the navbar is not refreshed when the user has logged in: it still says &#039;Not logged in&#039;. This remains until the user refreshes the page. And also a link a a logout page should be displayed in the place of the login one when the user has done so, but this won&#039;t until the page is updated. What I need is something in the conent pag that refreshes the content in the other frame. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks. <BR>

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    Default After the user logs in,

    in client side sctipt<BR><BR>"FrameName").FormN ame.submit()<BR><BR>that will submit the frame you choose so it will submit and therefore refresh<BR><BR>

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