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    Hi I'm trying to assign javascript values to a variable in javascript then assign an asp variable to it. then call the asp variable and compare it using an if then statement in asp. is this possible? like to have a javascript function, declare a javascript variable, assign the variable value to an asp variable value then basically response.write that value or compare them using if then statements. thanks for any answers.

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    Default Oh jeez

    ok javascript and VBS are both scripting languages so JS CAN be used on the server (to write ASP code) also<BR><BR>so in short you need to explain saying CLIENT side variable and SERVER side variable<BR><BR><BR>Now to answer your question<BR><BR>Put the value in a hidden field and submit the form, you will then get this value and put it into a variable on the server and compare with whatever<BR><BR>

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    Default And..

    .. read the FAQs, on ASPFAQs.com, in the Nature of Things category for more information on client/server programming.

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