I have a table that I need to re-order. Following is it&#039;s layout:<BR>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<BR>Resources Table<BR>ResourceID (autonumber)<BR>ResourceName (string)<BR>HeaderName (string)<BR>...more stuff<BR>ResourceNum (int)<BR>HeaderNum (int)<BR>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<BR>Now, the output looks like a list, separated by user-defined headers:<BR>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<BR>Files<BR> myfile1.doc<BR> myfile2.doc<BR>Links<BR> Link1<BR> Link2<BR>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<BR>I want to have up/down arrows beside both the Headers AND the Resource items. The would relate to the ResourceNum and HeaderNum I have in the table.<BR>My question is how would I sort the records in the table if the user clicked the "up" arrow beside a resource? I have thought about selecting the resources for the particular Header, and then looping through each record, changing the ResourceNum for each, but I&#039;m confused as to how to re-order the list in the table, because each one for that particular Header would need to be changed. I guess I&#039;m just looking for some direction. Do I use rs.moveprevious somehow? How do I know where to start updating in the recordset? thanks<BR>~~Chaotix