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    Need some help on how to change file permissions using ASP and ADSI. Any help would be Great. <BR>Thanks<BR>Chris<BR>

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    Vijay Guest

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    Hai<BR>I donot know if this is of any help for u.<BR>Go to Internet service Manager , select ur project<BR>and select the file whose permissions u want to change.<BR>Go to properties of this file.<BR>In Properties goto FILE SECURITY -EDIT(Anonymous Access And Authentication Control) and deselect ALLOW Anonymous Access<BR><BR>Good Luck<BR><BR>Bye<BR><BR>

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    One of the most annoying things about ADSI is that you can&#039t actually change permissions on anything with it. You can give everybody God-Like access, but unless you figure out a way (which, as near as I can tell, Microsoft does not provide) to set security to "God," your users are SOL.<BR><BR>With that in mind, I use Software Artisans&#039 File Manager. It&#039s tempermental, but it can change permissions. And it&#039s free.

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