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    We use cookie in ASP to stote information in client machine. Can cookies be also created when using cgi programs?

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    Default dunno , try asking on a cgi board <eop>


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    It depends what you mean. They can be used when creating programs which use the HTTP protocol. All cookies are is an extra string added to the HTTP request/response headers.<BR><BR>In Perl, that&#039;s even easier than in ASP. In Perl, you have to manually write out the HTTP headers - something like<BR>print "Content-Type: text/html

    <BR><BR>All you do is add the "Cookie:" HTTP response header, and it&#039;s up to the client to accept it. If they&#039;ve got a web browser with cookies enabled, it&#039;ll store them and use them as cookies. If not, it&#039;ll appear like all normal HTTP headers would...<BR><BR>Craig.

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