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    I am getting error msg's trying to write to an xml file... not athorized to write to file error... my app is hosted on a .Net server on the internet.... is there a way to write to a file without having write permissions? like maybe going threw ftp on post back to the server? I can ftp my files to the server... I just cant write to those files from a web browser but I want to is there a way?... and yes I could have my hosting company give me write privilges to the directory the file is in but I wanted to know if there was a way without doing that?

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    you totally wont be able to write the file from asp as you said, and you cannot use FTP because: where is the file? it doesnt exist because you havent written it anywhere, lol<BR><BR>anyways, FTP is possible from .NET, check out "FTPFactory" and/or "FTPConnection" on google search<BR><BR>i&#039;ve got a VB port of FTPFactory working on my site

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