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    I cannot get the page to redirect back to itself to continue on thru the next 20 in the recordset. It either dies or infinimails the server. I do a response.write in the loop and to see if it&#039;s working and when I type If i=19 then response.write End If, I can then see my output but I have to end the loop for it to be viewed. any ideas?<BR><BR>(oRs)query statement<BR><BR>Set oRs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")<BR> oRs.Open query,dbconn, 1,3,1<BR> If Not oRs.EOF Then<BR> ID = oRs("Employee_id")<BR>for i = 0 to 20<BR><BR> Send Emails<BR>Next<BR> oRs.MoveNext<BR> response.clear <BR> response.redirect "mass2.asp?id="&ID<BR> response.end<BR> <BR>End If<BR> oRs.Close<BR> Set oRs = Nothing<BR> set mailer = nothing

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    Default Doesn't make any sense...

    Every time you get to this page, you will be processing the *SAME* 20 emails. Why would you want to do that?<BR><BR>Not only that, you are sending 20 emails to the same Employee_id???<BR><BR>Maybe you need to show your *real* code instead of this code that couldn&#039;t possibly be doing anything useful?<BR><BR>But for debugging, I&#039;d just turn the Response.Redirect into a Response.Write, so you can see if it&#039;s sending what you are expecting.<BR><BR>And the big question: What&#039;s the point of this???<BR><BR>Why do the emails 20 at a time??? Doing a Response.Redirect won&#039;t change the page timeout. And the user will be getting ZERO indication of progress in any case.<BR><BR>

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    Default don't use ASP for mass mailing

    it&#039;s a duff idea. use WSH instead. believe me, it&#039;s a lot better.

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