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    I&#039m writing an application using an Access 97 database, and creating new records simply by tacking them onto the end of the existing recordset. This works great for most of the site, where articles are ordered chronologically, but one section needs to be ordered alphabetically. I can only think of two solutions with my current knowledge, and they&#039re both far from ideal:<BR><BR>1. Program a routine to check and alphabetize the record every time the page loads. This is really unattractive because of the programming hassle involved, and because of the lag it&#039d introduce to the page load time.<BR><BR>2. Manually rearrange the recordset alphabetically every time a new record is added. In addition to the inconvenience, this also is a poor idea because it will completely alter the AutoNumber ID field I use to track different pages.<BR><BR><BR>If anyone has any ideas for how I can resolve this issue, I&#039d love to hear them. Thanks!<BR><BR>--Bill J.

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    Simply put this line at the end of your query- order by field name.<BR>as:<BR>select * from table order by the-field-name-on-which-you-want-the-order.

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