Memory Leak in IIS or 2000??

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Thread: Memory Leak in IIS or 2000??

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    We are running Windows 2000 Server, Service Pack 2, IIS 5. I have been searching for a memory leak where the dllhost.exe will grab more and more memory until it has to be manually killed/restarted. This is a very strange issue because I have seen this happen when I load a page that has NOTHING in it except the ASP JavaScript open and close delimeters. I watch in TaskManager as dllhost grabs more memory every time the page is loaded. We do have lots of our own dlls we are using, so naturally I thought it was one of those leaking memory somewhere, but, like I said, this happens even when we are not using any of our stuff. Does ANYONE have a clue what might be going on here? We have a lot of memory in the box in question (around a gig I think), so it can eat a lot of memory and no harm done, but apparently we start seeing issues when it gets up to about 400 megs of memory. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. thanks, Ryan

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    Are you sure this is a problem? is your server actually hanging or running out of memory?<BR><BR>It&#039;s a bit off-topic but I recently identified our SQL 2000 using up to 970mb of 1Gb of memory, however, once it reaches that point its happy and the server is happy and runs really fast, reading the docs it appears that this is by design in SQL Server.<BR><BR>I&#039;m wondering if you were to just leave it you would find that it would eventually reach a level and then kind of hover around that.<BR><BR>Also, I think looking at memory usage in task manager isn&#039;t sufficent, I once read a really good doc on MS about how to check for leaking applications, it basically involves performance monitor and looking at some of the more advanced monitors....

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