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    I&#039m able to Update only one <BR>Row from the data base at a time is there any <BR>way to Update more the 1 Record at a time <BR>qstr="update data SET scheme= &#039"& scheme &"&#039,nav=&#039"& nav &"&#039,repur=&#039"& repur &"&#039"&_<BR>",sale=&#039"& sale &"&#039,d1=&#039"& d1 &"&#039 where codeno= &#039"& codeno &"&#039"<BR>if Codenono field has more then 1 value the the data is not updated but it does&#039nt give any run time error either<BR>So how could I update more the 1 record at a time I have to update total 300 Records from 20 Pages in a day <BR>

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    Do you want to update all these records with the same information ? In other words All products are now less 10% ?<BR><BR><BR>If so then you would use a normal update statement however you would not specify an ID....<BR><BR><BR>mySQL = "UPDATE table_name SET fldProductName = &#039NewProd&#039, _<BR>fldApproval = False, _<BR>fldDate = #" & Date() & "# WHERE fldID = 3" <BR><BR>RESULT: Update record where fldID is 3. Without WHERE clause, all records will be updated <BR><BR>The above code reference comes from<BR><BR>I have not tested this before but I am quite certain It will work

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