&nbsp;<BR>Hi, <BR>I have some code that was used with .NET Beta 1, so I have to change some of the code to work with .NET V1. However, when I change DocumentNavigator to XPathNavigator it give me this error message: <BR><BR>Compiler Error Message: CS0144: Cannot create an instance of the abstract class or interface &#039;System.Xml.XPath.XPathNavigator&#039;<BR><BR >Can some one please help me with this? Thank a lot for your time. <BR><BR>VO! <BR><BR>P.S. By the way here is the code: <BR><BR> void ResolveSubMenus(XmlDocument doc)<BR> {<BR><BR>//This is what create the error<BR> XPathNavigator nav = new XPathNavigator(doc);<BR> nav.Select("//*[@src]");<BR> while (nav.MoveToNextSelected())<BR> {<BR> string src = nav.GetAttribute("src");<BR> try <BR> {<BR> XmlDocument submenudoc = new XmlDocument();<BR> submenudoc.Load(Context.Server.MapPath(src));<BR> DocumentNavigator nav2 = new DocumentNavigator(submenudoc);<BR> nav2.MoveToDocumentElement();<BR> nav.MoveChildren(TreePosition.LastChild, nav2);<BR> }<BR> catch (Exception) <BR> {<BR> nav.Insert(TreePosition.LastChild, XmlNodeType.Element, "item","","");<BR> nav.Insert(TreePosition.LastChild, XmlNodeType.Element, "name","","");<BR> nav.InnerText = "&#060;font color=red&#062;Error loading:" + src + "&#060;/font&#062;";<BR> }<BR> }<BR> }