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    I am trying to test my first Webservice(using c#).The code in the .asmx file is <BR>&#060;%@ WebService Language="c#" Class="Greetings"%&#062;<BR>using System.Web.Services;<BR>public class Greetings<BR>{<BR>[WebMethod]<BR>public string Hello(string strname)<BR>{<BR>return "Hello, " + strname + ".Have a great day!";<BR>}<BR>}<BR>But when I try to test this by entering the path(http://servername/virtualdir/pagename.asmx) in the browser,it shows up a dialog box prompting me to open or save or cancel the file.I am able to browse other .asp,.aspx pages from the same path but not .asmx.<BR>Can anybody help please.<BR><BR>Harish

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    It been a while since I played with web services but I think you need to complie them somehow before you can view them. I could be way off base here though.

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