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    Default Displaying records horizontally

    New to ASP and have a query...<BR><BR>... I have an appointments database and would like to display each day with the employee across the top in each cell of the table (which I have done successfully from the database) and then their appointments for that day in the cells underneath but am stumped as to where to start. <BR><BR>Can anyone help??

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    Default several ways

    without knowing the structure of your database.<BR>1. one recordset: query your tables and sort on the date and employee name. In your display process you will need to distinguish when the employee name changes and do what you need to do.<BR>2. Use your existing recordset and add another recordset within your loop to query the appointments given the information for the current record you are currently displaying. Loop through your appointment recordset and display the information. Continue the process until you looped through your existing recordset.

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