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    How do i check whether the URl entered is valid for the user to access or not. Our application uses Frames and the user can directly type in the frames displayed page in the url fo rwhich the access has to beb denied

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    Default For frames...

    ...the easy way is to "pop out" of the frame.<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT Language="JavaScript"&#062;<BR>if ( != self )<BR>{<BR>"";<BR>}<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR><BR>But that doesn&#039;t protect you against "sniffers" that ignore all browser-side code. For that, you need to put in a login password and then disallow access to any pages unless the login is okay. See the ASPFAQs and 4GuysFromRolla for various ways to do that.<BR><BR><BR>

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