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    i have a form which takes ssn from the the next page,i have to use an if...then statement so as to compare the ssn value given by user with the corresponding value in an excel file.i have been using request.form to get the ssn value i.e soc from the first form and b0=objRS.Fields.Item(0).Value to get the value from the excel when i use if b0=soc then.....<BR>then the then part is not exceuted at all,directly the else part gets exceuted.however when i specify the soc as say 123456789 then the then part gets exceuted.plz help.Thanx.<BR>

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    Try rewriting that post, using correct capitalization and break it into paragraphs.<BR><BR>I got nothing out of the jumbled mess.

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    First, It would be **much** more intelligent to use a database (i.e. access) to store the SSN&#039;s. If you do that, and you still have errors, post the code an I will help you. Otherwise, good luck.

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