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    Manoj Guest

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    Hi I am Manoj,<BR>1)Doing little work on Asp for last six months. I find that the Asp developed by me looks good in IE5.0 (which am using) but that looks very bad in NetScape 4.6 Why it does like this.<BR>Is there any method to look the page same in both browsers.<BR>2) If I open an ASP page developed in InterDev 6.0 and open it in FrontPage 98 the scripting get&#039s disturbed?<BR> Please give me the tips.<BR> Thanks a lot. <BR>Manoj

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    1) Netscape is less forgiving of bad HTML than MSIE. Code for Netscape if you want it to look reasonably good in both. Other than that, I&#039d have to see what you&#039re doing to know why Netscape doesn&#039t like it.<BR><BR>2) That&#039s because FrontPage 98 is pure and unadulterated evil; nothing short, less or dilluted about it. To solve this problem, &#060;hyperbole&#062; apply a small thermonuclear device to... &#060;/hyperbole&#062; Upgrading to FP 2000 will solve; it sounds like a pathetic sort of feature, but "Won&#039t f- with your code" really is the #1 feature of FP 2000 v. FP 98. Of course, the ultimate HTML editor is still nothing more than NotePad with functionality... (I use NoteTab Pro, though I know there are several fabulous alternatives)

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    Manoj Guest

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    Hi Manoj<BR><BR>This is Manoj.<BR><BR>Stick to one tool, either front page 98 or VID 6.0. I had problems with from page long time back.<BR><BR>Certain features of ASP mayn&#039t work well in Netscape. Check for the browser in your ASP code and make appropriate changes.<BR><BR>Good Luck<BR>Manoj

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    David Mann Guest

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    Front page is a pathetic editor, IMHO, because it twerks your code to the point of no return to normalcy, uses IE-specific HTML (example is "&#060;p align=left&#062;" which is unreadable by Netscape), and it WILL mess yith your code, EVEN in certain situations in FP 2000. <BR><BR>I HIGHLY recommend something along the lines of what you said; Notepad-with NO functionality other than text editing--is my editor of choice unless I&#039m on a non-Wintel box. =) Interdev is pretty sweet, but I don&#039t use it for HTML development, and I barely use it for ASP development, as well. The tools I use are:<BR><BR>Notepad! <BR>Visual Studio 6 (SP3 - Enterprise Ed.)<BR>IE 5.x (how many upgrades can this thing have??)<BR>Netscape 4.7+ (this just gets upgraded every once in a while)<BR><BR>And there you have it. =) <BR><BR>And yes, if you want your code to look the same both in Netscape and MSIE, then you really need to avoid using FP &#060;insert version here&#062;, as it will mangle your code in ways that make me shudder with fright. hehe <BR><BR>Good luck, and happy programming, everyone, and thanks for a great read, Jason!<BR><BR>--David

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