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Thread: Changing DropDownList Items without page reload

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    I have a long form that I&#039;m creating, and have the following problem:<BR><BR>At the end of the form is a dropdownlist with shoe sizes in it. There is an associated set of radio buttons allowing the choice of US, UK or European sizes.<BR><BR>I am currently drawing the content from a db table, and re-binding it when the radio button selection changes. This requires a trip to the server, which in itself is not a huge problem, but means that the form reloads at the top, which could cause confusion.<BR><BR>As a result, I am looking for a way to re-generate the dropdownlist client-side. My tech baseline is NS6/IE5 with JavaScript enabled.<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    Default Two options:

    Either use JavaScript to remove and insert items, or use PostBack and set SmartNavigation=True in the &#060;%@Page%&#062; directive. The SmartNavigation="True" parameter should give the appearance of the page not reloading, even though there is a round trip to the server.<BR><BR>The SmartNavigation solution is not Netscape compatible. The page will work, but it will result in the top part of the page being redrawn. If you are like me, then you will probably say, "F &#039;em" and let them deal with it. They will still have 100% of the functionality, they will just have to deal with the screen flashing and they will possibly have to scroll down the page.

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    Default RE: Two options:

    Or put an anchor at the that spot and have the page reload to the anchor.<BR><BR><BR>T

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