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    Hi Guys,<BR>Can anybody help me?<BR>I have just purchased a new computer and it comes pre-installed with Windows XP home edition. I understand that I can not use Personal Web Server with Xp home edition. I used to use Windows 98 for my web stuff but now I can not test the ASP pages unless I upload them to my webspace and test. Very time consuming. Does anyone have an alternative other than going back to 98 or purchasing Xp Professional.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help.<BR><BR>Steve Wilson.

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    Default You can use Web Matrix... comes with a mini web server, somewhat similar to PWS.<BR><BR>It also will let you start using ASP.NET, right away.<BR><BR>Ummm...I just realized...maybe the Web Matrix web server won&#039;t do ASP pages. Maybe only ASPX pages?<BR><BR>Ehhh...if so, then you are kind of out of luck. But do read the ASPFAQs for ideas.<BR><BR>

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