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    Default Urgent Help for Field validation

    Hi All <BR><BR>I want to populate data into another text item based on my previous code. <BR>Say <BR><BR>In my drop down list I will select BankCode <BR>My database table bank_mast has two columns <BR>bank_code, Bank_name <BR><BR>in my drop down list i will select Bank_code, then the system should populate another textitem to bank_name <BR>for Ex: <BR>If i select BankCode as 1001 in "mydroplist", Bank_name should display in mybankname text item <BR><BR>Select * from bankmast; <BR><BR>Bank_code Bank_name <BR>1001 ICICI Bank <BR>How can I do through ASP in my web page. <BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR>Reddy

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    Default Why do people think

    it makes a difference if they type &#039;URGENT&#039; into their title...<BR><BR>Anyway this has been answered lots and lots of times.<BR><BR>search the sites mentioned in the left pane of this site for &#039;dependent listboxes&#039; you should be able to find examples in clientside script, and serverside.

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    Default Answered already; not validation

    It&#039;s just a matter of loading up the info in a hidden spot in the HTML page and then using the *tiniest* bit of JavaScript code to grab that and show it.<BR><BR>Which is what I answered before.<BR><BR>If you can&#039;t find your own questions, try doing a SEARCH for them.<BR><BR>HINT: The SEARCH link is on this very page.<BR><BR>(And what does this have to do with validation?)<BR>

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