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    I have one table with columns<BR>A B C D E<BR>001 abab abab cada New<BR>002 bbbbb cccc ddd New<BR>003 cccc dddd eeee New<BR><BR>One of my third party Customer will upload one document or excel file<BR>which records may be or may not be same with the database column<BR>For example: the format and the column can be define according to database<BR>A E<BR>001 New<BR>003 New<BR>004 New<BR><BR>I have to compare this Word/excel documents records against database records<BR>and if records match need to update the database table column E the value<BR>New to Approved and whatever the records from document which doesn&#039;t match need to<BR>update dummy table for reference.<BR><BR>My Question is How it can be possible do to in APS/SQL Server?<BR>Please can someone help me to find some solution?<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    so what you&#039;re saying is, if the record exists, you want to update it, if it doesn&#039;t you want to insert it, right?<BR><BR>IF EXISTS(SELECT documentID FROM tblDocuments WHERE documentID = 2)<BR>BEGIN<BR>UPDATE tblDocuments ....<BR>END<BR>ELSE<BR>BEGIN<BR>INSERT tblDocuments....<BR>END<BR><BR>GO<BR><BR>

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