Greetings,<BR><BR>I am messing around with dynamic node creation for my appening forum @ Currently, this is just an appending forum--comments are merely appended to the article posted. I would like to create a dynamic data structure/tree view and have most of the code and untility installed. The problem I am having is being able to get a hold of the node BY NAME and append their children as they drawn from my DB as a record set...<BR><BR>Most all examples of Treeview controls are not built to serve my<BR>purpose. i.e. reply to reply to reply etc... How do you handle your nodes here at ASP Message Board?<BR><BR>What I have so far...<BR><BR>I can create a node within a document object using "Set **** =<BR>MSXML2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument.3.0" No problems here. I have no<BR>problem, or should I say had no problem writing the code to handle discourse on a thread infinite in length...replies to replies etc. the problem I am having is creating a node for all replies to the article. and then going back into this list of nodes and pulling the one that it&#039;s children need appending....IOW, how do you call a node by name, and assign it children? From what I understand of the XML DOM Node creation, you must append all children to their parents, before you can append the parents to their parents.<BR><BR>Do I have this right? Must all children be appended before the parent is appended, or is there a way to append future children to a node who has already beed placed in a tree?<BR><BR>I can display a nodes name like so... <BR>"rootNode.ChildNodes(34).NodeName", but, I cannot call a node to<BR>append children to it by name, because the way I am doing it follows...<BR><BR>set replyNode = objDocument.createElement(posts)<BR>replyNode.setA ttribute("type") = "folder"<BR>replyNode.setAttribute("value") = rs1("From")<BR>replyNode.setAttribute("url") = "" & rs1("PostNo")<BR><BR>articleNode.appendChild replyNode<BR><BR>Doing it this way, I do not know how to append future children. This MSXML Document object will not accept numerical values as node names. So, I am changing the post numbers to a letter system as in...0=a, 1=b, 2=c, 3=d etc. Naming the node on creating like this is not a problem. The problem is, now that I have a Node created for post 5673(fghd), how do I create future nodes for this post if I am using the above(replyNode) object?<BR><BR>I hope I am clear enough for one to help me out here. If I am not, please allow me the opportunity to elaborate.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Tim<BR>