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    what are the basic points we have to keep in mind while designing a web site

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    Raj, I wish I could tell you simply but it really varies from site to site. A few basic points I always keep in mind are.<BR>1.) Ease of use (for user)<BR>2.) Ease of maintenance ( for company ) <BR>3.) Overall Functionality (for both)<BR>4.) Speed (for both)<BR>5.) Scalability (is site able to grow...and easily)<BR><BR>there are many others that like I said are based on the site, graphic appeal verses content, how much dynamic functionality, number of servers, and so on and so on...<BR><BR>The easiest way to accomplish this would be to do a &#039USE CASE&#039, I would look up this term in a search engine to get a good definition and examples, but basically it means start with writing down a description of the site. "Users will go to this site to get information about their computers.....blah blah blah" Then break down as many parts as possible..."Users will get information"...what kind?, how to present this infomation, how to search it...then break down those "Users will search from a form"...This form will have these fields...These fields will pull from this database...and so on and so on..till you have everything layed out and from there it will be cake.<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR>Gary

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